Baranti is a small tribal village in the Purulia district under Santuri Dev. Block 4 Km from Muradi Station in South Eastern Railway Division. Its hills and forests are the central theme of attraction to tourists. This village is surrounded by Muradi Hill and Baranti Hill. There is a 2 km long irrigation dam, located between Muradi Hill and Baranti Hill. Dence forest of Baranti hill and surroundings are made of Bamboo, Sal, Piyal, Teak, Bahra, Haritoki, Neem, Mahua and others. Palash tree is found everywhere. In the time of 'Dol' this plash trees decorated with the red flowers. The forest, hill and dam looks very beautiful in full moon at night. You will get a Good Morning wisehes from lots of crippling birds in the morning. You will embarked in the lap of pristine Nature at Baranti. You will get a taste of Red soil here. View of Sun set from this dam is splendid. At the foot of the Baranti hill in the dense forest you may find some wild verity of birds and animals. The forest has a habitant of deer. Netaji Eye Hospital in Ramchandrapur is situated near Baranti. It is the place of Karmayogi Asimananda Sarawati a freedom fighter. His Ashram is located adjuscent to this Hospital. The rock inscription found on a boulder in the bank of Bisram Jore rivulet near Dhuluri village. Telkupi Baruni Ghat is a place of tribal religious importance. Garh Panchkot is only 12 km away, and the famous Joychandi Pahar just 21 km away from Baranti. Biharinath Hill is 10 km away from this place. From the Durga Puja to the end of winter is the peak season for tourists. It is the place to take some energy for life in the short tour. Our is situated in the lap of the Baranti dense forest to give a chance to the tourist to enjoy the silence night at a dense forest in the foot of Baranti Hill.